Olive Hill has fared well this year. The restoration project was accomplished in a timely fashion with splendid results. Our thanks to Donna Hocking and David Lay for all their efforts in seeing this through. The grounds have responded very well to David’s numerous efforts to erase any disturbances left by the restoration work (and sidewalk removal the previous year). There are more stones and sites that may need attention in the near term and I am confident we will see equally fine results.

Donna has carefully updated a map of Olive Hill Cemetery and all existing plot designations. We expect to add to that information a site survey conducted with Ground Penetrating Radar. This will give us the best possible information about exact locations of past burials.

An ongoing issue is the condition of the south, west and north boundary fences. It seems best to address the south fence first. We've made attempts at a decision on that project for the past two years and will revisit it again this winter. If we are to build an 80-year fence (like Jim Bailey did) it would be nice to understand just what, over time, we are fencing out. In Jim's day it was pasture or cultivated fields. Right now it is a residential scene. We must think of the privacy of our neighbors as well as our own privacy and security.

Thanks to all who attended the meeting on Memorial Day. It was a very pleasant morning and it was good to see a large group eager to participate.
Terry L. Lay
Terry L. Lay
OHCA Chairman