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Note: This WEBSITE should become the catalyst that provides information about all the families at OLIVE HILL. Initially, the genealogical data available was about Olive Hand Bailey who's land gift allowed for the incorporation of the cemetery. Today most all of the families are documented (using family or census data).

In the 20 years since this page was created families, for the most part, have deleted their personal web pages and posted their information on

On this site:
Where information is limited, the genealogy may only show the descendants of the persons memorialized at OLIVE HILL.  
If a biography (personal page) is shown it has been submitted by the family.   If you want to submit a biography or pictures, contact
We will be glad to link to any family personal web pages - just contact the historian at
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  Arthur Family  
  Biggs Family  
  Olive Bailey Family
  Bill Bailey Biography
  Jim Bailey Biography
  Rufus Miner Bailey Biography
  Sylvia Bailey Biography
  Margaret Young Biography
  Wink Carson Biography
  Lawrence & Berta Lay Biography
  Bloom Family  
  Bradshaw/Benne Family
  Bubeck Family  
  Butler Family  
  Cannon Family
  Clark Family
  Colson Family
  Crawley Family
  Crookham Family  
  Curtis Family  
  Davis Family
  Duffy Family  
  Fletcher Family  
  Ford/Brown/Reid Family  
  Gaunt Family
  Geist Family
  Goodman Family  
  Gray Family  
  Hale Family  
  Hart Family *** Nothing is known about this family
  Holloway Family  
  Hunt Family
need the family to verify this *** Hutchinson Family  
need the family to verify this *** Jensen Family
  LaBerge Family  
  Martin Family  
  Maxfield Family  
  McBrien Family  
  McCallon Family  
  McKinney Family  
  Meeker Family  
  Miller Family  
  Mills Family  
  Moore Family  
  Nicholson Family  
  Nickel Family  
  Phillips Family  
  Redding Family  
  Rosecrans Family  
  Selph Family  
  Scott/Cunningham Family  
  Simpson/Bond Family ***Nothing is known about the BOND family
  Sitlington Family
  Smith Family  
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  Stickler Family  
  Stone Family  
  Stover Family  
  Toussieng Family
  Wagner Family  
  Whitley Family  
  Williamson Family  
  Zorn Family