Lot 62 (BIGGS)
Lot 62 (Biggs)
Malind Lowrance Biggs 
Mrs. Biggs
In Loving Memory
Malinda Lowrance BIGGS
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Prior to this century, this grave had only a cement marker with a brass plate placed by the Association in the 1930s.  The name on the brass plate was BIGGS - but the brass had been damaged in the 1980s by the mowers.  Using the information provided by the family, more details were learned about the grave.  A new marker with the proper information was authorized by the family in 2018.
Malinda Lowrance Moody BIGGS (1886-1911) 
Originally  nothing was known about the person in this unmarked grave except that the name was BIGGS. The grave was marked in the 1930s by the cemetery Association with a simple cement marker with a brass plate (which was later damaged by the mowers).

The family agrees that this is the resting place of Malinda Lowrance Moody Biggs (b. 1886, AR), the wife of Phillmore Biggs.

Malinda was born to Isaac Harmond (1859–1909)and Mary Elizabeth Harper Lowrance (1853 - 1921), in March, 1886 in Red River, Stone, Arkansas.
She was married 2 times in a short life filled with much love.
Her Spouses: - William Bill Moody 1879–1949?; Phillmore Biggs 1873–1955
Her Children: Walter Eugene Moody 1901–1974  Howard Earl Biggs 1908–1966 Edna Beatrice Biggs Dunn 1910–2005

In 1910 the Biggs family were neighbors of the grandfather of the Holloway children - John Bednar (south of the cemetery - Council Grove - now Bethany).
Phill M. Biggs is a widower in 1920.
Phillmore Biggs and his son Howard (and Howard's wife Alma) died in Fresno County, CA. The birth/death information for Phil and Howard (along with Malinda's maiden name) are found on the California Death Index.
The family says that Phil and Malinda's other child Edna (b. 1910, OK) was adopted by George T. and Freddie (James) Dunn. She married Carl Crow.
Malinda's child by her first marriage - Walter Moody returned to Arkansas.
Most of the unmarked graves (marked with brass plates by the Cemetery Association in 1934) were graves established before 1920. The Biggs' brass plate has been damaged by the mowers
Family information provided in 2017: by W. Wm. McLeod and by Ralph Crow
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No information about this BIGGS family is currently on-line.

Ancestors of Malinda A. Lowrance Biggs

Generation No. 1


1. Malinda A. Lowrance1,2,3, born Mar 1886 in AR; died 1911 in OK. She was the daughter of 2. Isaac Harmon Lowrance and 3. Mary Elizabeth Harper. She married (1) William Moody4 01 Sep 1900 in Stone Co, AR. He was born Jun 1879 in AR, and died bet. 1907-1949 in AR. She married (2) Phillmore Biggs5,6,7 01 Oct 1906 in Oklahoma Co, OK. He was the son of Alexander and Mariah Schoolcraft Biggs and was born 25 Jul 1873 in Muhlenberg, Pickaway Co, OH, and died 26 Aug 1955 in Fresno Co, CA8.

More About Malinda A. Lowrance:
Burial: Olive Hill Cemetery, Oklahoma City, OK [62]
Notes for Phillmore Biggs: spelling of his name from his signature on his WWI draft card
Mother's Birth Place: Ohio
Father's Birth Place: Ohio
Generation No. 2


2. Isaac Harmon Lowrance9,10, born Sep 1859 in TN; died 1909 in Stone Co, AR. He married 3. Mary Elizabeth Harper 1885 in Stone Co, AR.

3. Mary Elizabeth Harper10,11,12, born Jan 1853 in IL; died 1921 in AR.

Notes for Mary Elizabeth Harper:
Burial: Fox Cemetery, Fox, Stone Co, AR
Father b. TN Mother b. GA
1910 - sister-in-law of Francis May?
1920 - aunt of Harvey Cartmill?

Children of Isaac Lowrance and Mary Harper are:

  1. Malinda A. Lowrance, born Mar 1886 in AR; died 1911 in OK; married (1) William Moody 01 Sep 1900 in Stone Co, AR; married (2) Phillmore Biggs 01 Oct 1906 in Oklahoma Co, OK.
  2. Dinnie Bertha Lowrance13,14,15,16, born Nov 1887 in AR; died Bet. 1930 - 1977 in AR?.
    Notes for Dinnie Bertha Lowrance:
    Married James M. Harper bet. 1900 - 1910
  3. Richard Oliver Lowrance17,18,19, born 01 Dec 1888 in Stone Co, AR20; died 15 Dec 1971 in Plumerville, Conway Co, AR21
    Notes for Richard Oliver Lowrance:
    Married Effie D. Lettie Green




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