It has been more than a century since the beginning of Olive Hill and 85 years since the Cemetery Association was founded.  Over that span of time, so many things in our world have changed dramatically or disappeared altogether.  But Olive Hill remains fundamentally the same in atmosphere and purpose as it was in the late 19th century.  The primary goal of the Association is to continue the preservation of the cemetery.

We have used quite modern tools to help us understand much of the lost history of Olive Hill.  We continued an aggressive project focused on restoration of memorial markers.  As usual, the management of the property by my assiduous brother David is exemplary.  This year, he has installed a new flagpole in the cemetery.  The cemetery flagpole donated by Fred Bailey (about 1950) became rusted through at the base and it was toppled during a summer storm.  Thanks to David and his helpers, a new flagpole was up in short order and waving its flag.

And thanks to all our members and friends that have supported Olive Hill Cemetery. I'd like to send a special salute to favorite Bailey cousins Fran Morris and Winifred Fuhrman.  Their decades of passionate interest in Olive Hill preservation is continually appreciated.  It is always a pleasure to see them at the annual meeting. 

Terry L. Lay
Terry L. Lay
OHCA Chairman
Cemetery Location
  10501 North Rockwell Avenue
  Oklahoma City, OK
Business Address
  Olive Hill Cemetery Association
  P. O. Box 381700
  Duncanville TX  75138-1700
  Oklahoma City, OK
  (405) 463-9047
Annual Meeting
  Olive Hill Cemetery Association
  Memorial Day
  10AM at the cemetery