Scott School ca. 1908 Scott School
Canadian County, Oklahoma

Teachers at Scott ---- District 24

  1897-1898  C. F. McDonald  Sep 25 1877  Charles Fleece McDonald
  1898-1899  Belle Swaney      
  1899-1900  Mary Specht  Born Jan 1876 in IL  Never married, Daughter of Aloysius Specht and Theresa Eck Specht
  1900-1901  Mary Specht      
  1901-1902  Kate Specht  Born Aug 1873 in IL  Never married, Daughter of Aloysius Specht and Theresa Eck Specht
  1902-1903  Carnie McElroy      
  1903-1904  Priscilla Nickels      
  1904-1905  Priscilla Nickels      
  1906-1907  Vesta Etchison  (Sep 1890 – Feb 27 1984)  Never married, Daughter of Walter and Mary Etchison
  1909-1910  Rose Tharp  (1891 – 1975)  Married Sidney Melvin Austin, Daughter of Cornelius and Louisa Spurling Tharp
  1910-1911  Lew Evans      
  1911-1912  Harry Bailey  (Sep 26 1889 - Apr 13 1945)  Son of Rufus Miner and Elizabeth McKeage Bailey
  1912-1913  Harry Bailey      
  1913-1914  Gertrude Summers      
  1914-1915  Berta Bailey  (Jan 9 1895 - Apr 3 1981)  Married Lawrence Lay, Daughter of Rufus Miner and Elizabeth McKeage Bailey
School District No. 24
Frisco Township,
Canadian County, Okla.
Presented by
C. F. McDONALD, Teacher
R. M. Bailey, Clerk
F. M. Nickel, Director
Mrs. Wilson, Treasurer
Harry Bailey   Elgin Barber
Ruby Bostwick   Nellie Bailey
Georgia Bostwick   Anna Barber
Sarah Bailey   Bessie Barber
Ralph Bailey   Willie Bailey
James Bailey   McGrath Carroll
Edward Foster   Albert Foster
Thomas Foster   Ada Geoffroy
Roy Geoffroy   Frank Geoffroy
Fred Geoffroy   Nellie Johnson
harlie Johnson   Willie Lester
Roy Lawson   Ray Lawson
Walter Lawson   Charlie Lawson
Ida McDaniel   Homer McDaniel
Grover Mitchell   Maud Nickel
Frank Nickel   Frankie Scott
Ed Williams   Fred Williams
Ohio Ptg. Co.  N. Phila'd. O.
School District No. 24
Miller, Okla. Terr.
Presented by
Belle Swaney, Teacher
F. C. Bostwick   Mrs. Nellie Wilson
  A. D. Nickel  
Bessie Barber   Ida McDaniel
  Ada Geoffroy  
Willie Lester   Nellie Bailey
  Frank Nickel  
Fred Geoffroy   Will Bailey
  Alice Barber  
Charlie Lawson   Georgia Bostwick
  Anna Barber  
Walter Nickel   Homer McDaniel
  Ralph Bailey  
Ruby Bostwick   Omer Nickel
  Sarah Bailey  
Ollie Nickel   Walter Lawson
  Harry Bailey  
Maud Nickel   Roy Lawson
  Mabel Nickel  
Ray Lawson   Elgin Barber
  Frank Geoffroy  
Fred Williams   Roy Geoffroy
  Eddie Williams  
Willie McDaniel   Earl Fletcher
School District No. 24
Canadian County, Okla.
Georgia Bostwick   Ruby Bostwick
Bernice Williams   Ed Williams
Fred Williams   Olive Bailey
Sarah Bailey   Harry Bailey
Ralph Bailey   Mary Thompson
William Thompson   Stella Thompson
Florence Thompson   Anna Barber
Elgin Barber   Ray Barber
Frank Geoffroy   Ada Geoffroy
Roy Geoffroy   Loyd Jeoffroy
Hobart Finley   Roy Lawson
Ray Lawson   Walter Lawson
Violet Album   Gladys Album
Earl Fletcher   Mabel Nichols
Minnie Nash   Clara Nash
Arnum Nash   Willie Nash
Frank Nichols   Allie Finley
Amonette Blackerby   Maggie Meyers
Leva Meyers   Mack Carrol
Fonsa Carrol   Grover Mitchell
Maude Nichols, died Jan. 10, 1900
School District No. 24
Canadian County, Okla.
Carnie McElroy, Teacher
Gladys Albin   Violet Albin
Harry Bailey   Nellie Bailey
Sarah Bailey   Berta Bailey
Ralph Bailey   Georgiana Bostwick
Ruby Bostwick   Laura Bostwick
Ruth Casey   Litha Casey
Harold Crawley   Leslie Crawley
Olive Crawley   Edith Crawley
Hurley Jones   Amelia Jones
Mamie Morris   Ina Morris
Biffle Morris   Eula Morris
Felix Morris   Celia Nowlin
Edna Nowlin   Mable Nickle
George Nickle   Frank Nickle
Samuel Starry   Jessie Starry
McKinley Starry   Walter Starry
Vernal Stingley   Bessie Stingley
Henry Sallisbury   Albert Sallisbury
Etta Wilson   Hobart Wilson
Edd Williams   Fred Williams
Maud Williams   Frankie Williams
Roy Adkisson   Floyd Adkisson
Forest Adkisson
Carnie McElroy, Teacher